About Us

Jungle Gym exterior

Perth’s largest permanent gymnastics centre for kids

Jungle Gym is Perth’s largest gymnastics facility for toddlers and children up to the age of 12. Our centre, situated in Willetton, offers structured classes and a positive learning environment for children to exercise, try new things, have fun and build self-confidence – they’re usually grinning from ear to ear!

Jungle Gym all started at a centre in Joondalup in 1988, with the idea to teach non-competitive gymnastics to everyone. Since then we have modified our operations, moved to Willetton and introduced a range of exciting new amenities and programmes. From toddler sessions, to gym classes and birthday parties, we offer fun and healthy activities for the little ones, allowing them to work off any excess energy, while building confidence and improving coordination.

Today, Jungle Gym has grown to become the largest permanent gymnastics facility in Western Australia, with state-of-the-art gymnastics and safety equipment and a number of kitchen/party rooms.

** Please note: No open public sessions on weekends – only birthday parties.

Our centre features:

  • Huge inflatable slides
  • Beams, bars & rings
  • Mini, tumbling & slant trampolines
  • Tarzan ropes
  • Foam-filled pits
  • Foam padded flooring, and more!
  • Self-catering kitchens/party rooms

Our Classes

Our trained, qualified instructors have been nurturing happy, confident kids through a range of gymnastics programmes for almost three decades. We offer a selection of classes to suit all ages, from toddlers through to 12-year olds.

We also offer one-off excursions for youth/sporting groups and primary schools. Regular weekly classes are available for primary school groups.

At Jungle Gym, we encourage kids to develop and advance at their own pace, without pressure. The programs are designed to suit all abilities from the shy to the very active, while ensuring they are having fun at all times.

Why gymnastics?

There are many good reasons for kids to participate in gymnastics. It’s great exercise, develops their coordination and loads of fun. It also burns energy and will help your child to build strength, power and improve balance, agility and flexibility. Gymnastics is well known to provide an excellent grounding for all sports.

Classes are designed to expand the mind and to develop your child’s love of learning, with exercises designed to improve your children’s concentration and decision-making skills.

In addition, children learn to work in a group; they develop skills such as sharing and leadership, and of course, they get to play, laugh and make new friends.

We put safety first

At Jungle Gym, your child’s safety is our number one priority. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and well maintained at all times; every class is fully supervised, and our facility has been fitted with heavy- duty foam pits and crash mats to prevent injuries.

Our safety programme includes:

  • Teaching a well-versed proven program that breaks each skill into basic components
  • We use modern, safe equipment, including purpose-built landings with foam-filled pits and a range of crash mats and fully cushioned floor areas
  • The implementation of an intensive Risk Management Programme

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