Group Bookings

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Group Bookings

Group Bookings are required to pay a deposit of $150. An invoice will be sent within 24 hrs to your provided email address and requires payment within 7 rdays of invoice. We require an estimate of the number of children at the time of booking, if the group is less than 10 children, please phone Jungle Gym on 9354 4443. Confirmation of the number of children attending is required 1 week prior to your Group Booking, if numbers have decreased we will amend the minimum fee payable accordingly. We appreciate your help and prompt communication to ensure that we can accommodate groups where possible.

Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions before completing the below form.

Your Minimum Fee Payable (Prices inc GST)

1 to 14 children = $15ea
15 to 24 children = $14ea
25 to 49 children = $12ea
50+ children = $11ea

Please enter minimum free payable - Number of attendees X cost per child

NOTE: If you advise Jungle Gym with more than 1 week's notice that your numbers have changed, we will amend the minimum fee payable accordingly. Like you, we have to organise staff. There is max number of children we can accommodate and there is a demand for our service, if you reduce your numbers others could be accommodated that may otherwise miss out.


  1. Check your Jungle Gym session details above.
  2. Correct or provide any missing details from your contact information
  3. Sign this Booking Form, agreeing to our prices, terms & conditions, and return via email to within 5 working days of making your booking.
  4. Provide a 25% deposit of the minimum fee payable within 7 days of making this booking. Invoice Number: attached.

How to Pay:

Jungle Gym accepts payments via credit card, cash and electronic fund transfer (EFT)

A/C Name: Willeton Jungle Gym
Account Number: 493252803

Important: Spare undies & pants need to be bought by each group in case of toilet accidents.

Attire (for safety): NO shoes, socks, jewellery, chewing gum, hard plastic head bands, bulky hair clips or trousers which are too long (dragging under feet). Long hair tied back (no buns) .

Leaders: Are requested to assist with the children, but are NOT allowed on the equipment (Jungle Gym is not issued for adult use of the equipment).