Redundant: 9-14 year olds

Redundant: 9-14 year olds 2019-11-08T09:46:27+00:00

Choose fun, fitness and flexibility for your kids these school holidays

Our classes for 9-14 year old’s focus on improving gymnastic prowess, coordination, discipline, agility and social interaction with peers. As children develop and progress we begin to focus on presentation,  perfecting techniques and learning how to implement consecutive skills in a routine. Children in this class our encouraged to develop power, rotation and confidence. Our students are taught the 3 phases of a skill;

  1. Take Off – Utilising the trampolines
  2. Flight, or spatial awareness. Correct body positioning taught by our coaches and learnt through repetition.
  3. Landings – Correct safe landings, the result of correct flight.

We have revolutionised traditional teaching techniques and created an environment that is conducive to success. Our students practice skills that build advanced balance, flexibility, power, endurance, agility and strength.


Term Fee:

  • 1 child = $165
  • 2 or more siblings = $151 each
  • A $17 fee for sports injury insurance for each child.

NB: Please enrol your kids before commencement of the term through our parent portal on our website. Vacancies for these programmes fill up quickly.

Session Times

Tuesday 5:15pm – 6:30pm
Wednesday 5:15pm – 6:30pm
Thursday 5:15pm – 6:30pm
Friday 5:15pm – 6:30pm

Parent Portal

The parents portal is our new online booking system and the best way to manage your children’s enrollments. In the parent portal families can:

  • Update family details such as phone numbers, email addesses and emergency contacts
  • Update student details such as date of birth and medical details
  • Add new siblings to the family account
  • Look up past and present enrollments
  • View your transaction history including charges and payments
  • Pay invoices and book and pay for special events
  • View all the sessions including days and times
  • View and accept our terms and conditions

Signing up takes less than two minutes and will give you an secure & private login.

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