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Action packed birthday parties from toddlers to 11year old’s

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It comes around once a year, and while, as we get older we dread them; your children look forward to each and every birthday. Home offers the opportunity for an intimate gathering, but if you’re looking for an amazing kid’s party idea and venue in Perth, Book through this website. (Got to the top of this page  right hand side press blue box titled Book Online)

Jungle Gym hosts the most fun and action packed birthday parties, which kids look forward to and love. We challenge the boundaries of their imagination with our creative party ideas, putting our countless years of experience to the test to entertain them in a safe environment. We strive for your child’s happiness and smile, going the extra mile to make it memorable for them on their special day.

Jungle Gym now has another venue designed for 3-7yr therefore…

1yr-7yr olds – Have a choice of two exciting venues.

Option 1: Jungle Gym Minii – 18 Roxby Lane/18 Gympie Way, Willetton 
Designed specifically for 12 months – 7 years where Birthday Parties booked here will have exclusive use of the whole play area for the hour.

Due to the layout of the building, to assist in maximising the play area, birthday party rooms are located at each street entrance.
Traversing through the building from one street entrance to the other is difficult, therefore different time slots are allocated to particular street entrances.
Entrance 18 Roxby Lane:  Sat/Sun  9am; 10am; 12noon; 1pm; 3pm and 4pm
Entrance  18 Gympie Way: Sat/Sun 11am; 2pm and 5pm

Option 2: Original Jungle Gym  – 24 Gympie Way, Willetton.
Exclusive use of half the play area at any one time. They play on one half of the gym for the first half an hour then move to the other half of the gym in the second half an hour. (Please be aware the other half of the play area will be utilized by another party.)

1yr-11yr olds

Option 2 only(see above) We understand that children have friends of all ages so the original gym is the most suitable option if you wish to cater for a diverse range of ages.

Why their next birthday party should be with us?

We are a popular destination for kid’s birthday parties in Perth. The facilities and amenities we have invested in over the years, as well as the carefully selected team of professionals that makes it all possible, are paramount to the Jungle Gym experience.

We provide the venue/facilities; You provide the food

Every birthday includes:

A large and colourful open play area with trampolines, foam filled pits, rope and ring swings, and many other exciting activities.

The playing of upbeat background music so your children can dance and enjoy the party.

The provision of a fully trained, friendly party host to supervise the party while on the play area(that’s right, it’s fully Supervised!!). Parents are, however, kindly requested to monitor their children whilst they are eating.

Air- conditioning.



  • $300 – up to 16 kids (including playtime for 1 hour) plus party room/kitchen (for 2 hours includes the hour whilst children playing)
  • Extra children – $10.00 (max of 35 children)

Cost Breakdown

  • $180 – up to 16 children for 1-hour play time (no party room hire)
  • $120 – party room & kitchen hire

Party Room/Kitchen (approx. 2 hours)

If, after your party’s gym time, you would like to serve food at the venue, you’ll have access to your own party room, including a kitchen. This includes 50 minutes of preparation time while the kids play, and then 45 minutes eating time, and a further 15 minutes for you to clean up and pack away.  Unfortunately if the children finish eating early they will not be allowed back onto the play area.



Our kitchen features a fridge, freezer, electric oven with stove-top (four elements), microwave, kettle, hot water taps, stainless steel sinks and preparation bench tops.

NB: Our microwave does not prepare popcorn. Please pre-cook before arriving and please defrost food prior to arrival to ensure you have adequate cooking time. Kitchen access is available 10 minutes after the start of your children’s gym time.

Party Area

The room contains tables and chairs as well as a vacuum cleaner for any ad hoc cleaning that may be required. Please note that no alcohol is permitted on our premises.

For a birthday party with a difference Book through the Jungle Gym website  by pressing the  blue “Book Online” button at the top of this page.

Any problems or would like to ask a question please ring Jungle Gym (08) 9354 4443

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