Hygiene Procedures

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Covid19  Phase 3  – Hygiene Procedures


To comply with Government Requirements for contract tracing the Birthday Parent must provide contact details of all children attending the birthday and any parent/guardian that stays for all or part of the birthday:


Invitee’s Name  Age    Contact Details (tel number or email address)

Jack Citizen     6    Mum 041236789

Jill Public      5    Dad’s email  (dad123@gmail.com)

Parent/Guardian Name     Contact Details(tel Number or email address)

Simone Happy            04356123245

To assist in maintaining social distancing ie 2 m2 per person particularly in party rooms,

And the maximum number of persons in sections of the venue.

Please discourage parents/guardians from staying – drop and then collect.

Structure & Hygiene during Birthdays

  • In both Jungle Gym venues one birthday every hour not every ½ hour as in the past.
  • Each Birthday will have the entire play area (gym floor) by themselves for the full hour play time. However, the birthdays will still play on one half of the gym during the first 1/2 hour of the birthday then on the second half of the play area the next 1/2hr.  This will ensure adequate supervision of the birthday children and enable Jungle Gym staff to clean the ‘high touch” equipment ready for the following birthday. 
  • Before the birthday children enter the play area, the Jungle Gym supervisor will administer sanitiser to each child.
  • Once the children leave the gym and before they go to the eating area each child will be instructed to wash their hands in the bathrooms.
  • Jungle Gym staff will disinfect chairs, tables, benches, taps, handles, switches and other “high touch” facilities after each birthday vacates the eating area.
  • The Bathrooms/toilets will continue to be cleaned regularly throughout the day including the “high touch” items inc  taps, buttons, door handles.
  • The drinking fountains will not be available to use except to fill water bottles, thus we advise that invitees bring their own personal water bottle.

Gymnastic Classes/School Holiday Program

  • Sanitiser will be available for every child before they enter the gymnastic floor area.
  • The drinking fountains will not be available for use except the fountain in the foyer of the venue where water bottles can be re-filled.  Each gymnast will be required to bring their own personal water bottle.  These water bottles will have to be left within the pigeon holes located at the front of the venue in the foyer of the gym and as normal children must ask coaching staff before leaving the gym floor to drink from their bottles or go to the bathroom.
  • Parents/Spectators to assist in social distancing in particular the minimum 2m2 per person requirements and maintaining the maximum number of persons permitted in sections of the venue, parents are encouraged to drop and collect. 
  • Prior to and after each session the “high touch” gymnastic equipment will be cleaned.
  • Under no circumstances unless an emergency are parents/spectators including siblings permitted on any portion of the gym floor or equipment, including in the warm -up and during the classes.