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We offer a diverse range of gymnastics programmes for children aged 3 to 15

At Jungle Gym, Gymnastics is our true passion as it promotes mental and physical fitness. Its virtues of strength, power, agility, flexibility and confidence are recognised by most sport educators. Gymnastics embraces total range of movement across all body parts, making it a springboard to all other sports.

The gymnastic program we offer at Jungle Gym is non-competitive. We divide most skills into three parts, take off, flight (which involves special awareness) and landing. Injury is a result of bad landings; bad landings are a result of poor spatial awareness; poor spatial awareness results from a lack of familiarity. Familiarity requires repetition which can prevent landing injuries. To propel forward and build their skills, children need to lose their fear. With this in mind, Jungle Gym was born.

Jungle Gym has taken the pain out of starting the sport. Landings are safe, the large foam pits, padded floor areas and soft crash mats are designed to cushion the various skills taught. An assortment of Trampolines are used to propel the students into a variety of skills, allowing them to focus on spatial awareness. Our students are taught the 3 phases of a skill;

  1. Take Off – Utilising the trampolines
  2. Flight, or spatial awareness. Correct body positioning taught by our coaches and learnt through repetition.
  3. Landings – Correct safe landings, the result of correct flight.

The success rate for skills taught to school aged children in this way is 90-100%, in a relatively short time frame.

Our students are constantly on the move through a fun and engaging obstacle course. They jump, climb, rotate and somersault through each circuit building their gymnastics skills whilst having lots of fun. Our coaches are all qualified and active gymnasts themselves.

Gymnastics has traditionally been a sport for selected genetic types, defined by body and mind. We have bought gymnastics to the general population with obvious achievement of skills and a parallel understanding of the fundamental principles of the sport. We have revolutionised traditional teaching techniques and created an environment that is conducive to success.  Most importantly at Jungle Gym we want you to have fun and love gymnastics as much as we do.

What to wear

We always recommend that kids wear leotards or shorts/tights/track pants and t-shirts when participating in our gymnastics classes. Long pants that, sit past the ankle are not appropriate, they are hazard to the child. Children should also not wear jeans, socks or jewellery, and long hair must be tied using soft headbands.

Parent Portal

The parents portal is our new online booking system and the best way to manage your children’s enrollments. In the parent portal families can:

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