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We offer a diverse range of gymnastics programmes for children aged 3 to 12

As a kindergarten, pre-primary or primary school teacher, finding an appropriately safe, yet fun school excursion idea in Perth can be difficult. Where can you take children to learn, develop and have fun in a secure safe environment all at the same time? Jungle Gym in Perth, that’s where!

You now have the choice of 2 exciting venues;

Option 1: Jungle Gym Minii – 18 Roxby Lane, Willetton (walking distance from The original building). 
Designed specifically for 3 – 7 years

Option 2: Original Jungle Gym  – 24 Gympie Way, Willetton.
Catering for children aged 5-12 years.

Our unique permanently set-up gymnastics venues are colourful and full of fun, featuring state of the art equipment, designed to:

  • Propels children through the air to assist in spatial awareness, utilising a range of trampolines (mini trampolines, 3 X 5m trampolines and 10m long trampolines), swinging ropes and rings.
  • Encourages strength, balance and co-ordination utilising: climbing and swinging ropes and rings, bars of different configurations and balance beams.
  • Provides soft landings utilising 2m deep pits full of foam cubes and lots of thick, heavy crash mats.

All which will allow the children to play whilst developing spatial awareness, agility and co-ordination.

The children’s activities are supervised by our talented staff who can clearly show the children through  circuits of activities, explain “what and how” to perform skills and supervise the children throughout the session. Jungle Gym is one of the best places to take school children looking for something unique, offering a program with equipment that is great fun, entertaining and challenging whilst creating skill awareness and confidence. The circuits are stimulating and keep the children constantly on the move with no long queues waiting their turn. In addition they are designed to suit not only the physically energetic but also the less agile and physically shy types.

School groups, kindergarten, pre-primary & primary schools

We have been providing tailored gymnastics classes for Perth kindergartens, pre-primary centres and primary schools for three decades.

We offer two gymnastics options for school groups:

  • One-off gymnastics excursions
  • Multiple-week gymnastics programmes

Session Times

School gymnastics classes can be scheduled on weekdays anytime between 11.30am and 3pm. We have 1 hour and 1 ½ hour classes available, depending on your school’s requirements. A minimum of 20 students are required per class.


  • 1 hour: $8 per student (including GST)
  • 1 ½ hours: $10 per student (including GST)

What we offer:

  • Safety: Children are placed under the supervision and instruction of highly trained gymnastic coaches.
  • Exercise and development: The structure of the courses we offer improves gymnastic prowess, coordination, discipline, social interaction with peers, agility, and provides a healthy foundation for excelling in other sports.

Book your next play or primary school excursion in Perth with us. Complete the Group Booking form in the Group Bookings tab on our website to secure your excursion.

As a kindergarten or primary school teacher thinking about bringing your class to Jungle Gym for a fun filled fitness excursion please familiarise yourself with our insurance policy and behaviour guidelines too.

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The parents portal is our new online booking system and the best way to manage your children’s enrollments. In the parent portal families can:

  • Update family details such as phone numbers, email addesses and emergency contacts
  • Update student details such as date of birth and medical details
  • Add new siblings to the family account
  • Look up past and present enrollments
  • View your transaction history including charges and payments
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