Youth/Sporting Group Bookings

Youth/Sporting Group Bookings 2022-05-26T04:40:13+00:00

    Thank you for your groups' interest in booking an activity session at Jungle Gym.
    Please check the Jungle Gym Timetable to give you an indication of the possible times that your group can attend (found on the Home Page beneath the sliding photographs.)

    Please complete the form below and then press SEND so Jungle Gym can advise the availability of the day and time you would like.

    If the timeslot is not available we will ring you and discuss other options.
    Otherwise, a Confirmation Form including prices will be emailed to you, requiring a signature. The form should then be returned by email to within 5 days of its receipt. This is so Jungle Gym and your centre agree on the details of the booking. Payment can be made on the day or an invoice can be issued.

    Please make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions before sending the form below.

    Please note the following:

    Important: Spare undies & pants need to be bought by each group in case of toilet accidents.

    Attire (for safety): NO shoes, socks, jewellery, chewing gum, hard plastic head bands, bulky hair clips or trousers which are too long (dragging under feet). Long hair tied back (no buns) .

    Leaders: Are requested to assist with the children, but are NOT allowed on the equipment (Jungle Gym is not insured for adult use of the equipment).

    Please note that a minimum fee will apply. This fee is based on the number of children you currently expect to attend the session. If this number changes please contact us so that we can amend the fee.

    Your current minimum fee will be based on the fee for

    children attending.